Welcome to Gretha Garnett biokineticist based in Linden, Johannesburg. Chronic diseases or health problems can affect a person's life tremendously. Biokinetics investigates how one's ability to exercise is affected by a chronic disease or health problem and how exercise training can be used to treat such disorders.

Proficiency as a biokineticist requires a knowledge base that includes the fields on anatomy, physiology, chemistry, biology and psychology. Please feel free to browse through my website and discover the wonders of biokinetics.

Gretha Lombard Biokineticist
Gretha Lombard Bionkineticist
Gretha Lombard Biokineticist
We offer treatment and rehabilitation for various conditions including, but not
limited to:
  • Orthopaedic assessment and rehabilitation
  • Balance testing and training
  • 3D Posture analysis and correction
  • Pressure distribution analysis
  • Gait analysis and correction
  • Motion analysis
  • Sport specific testing and training
  • Isokinetic testing (muscle strength and muscle balance)
  • General fitness and Core training
  • Weight loss
  • Pre and Post natal exercises
  • Stress ECG
  • Cardiac rehabilitation
  • Neurological rehabilitation
  • Sports massage
  • Group classes

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Every activity performed by the human body involves movements of limbs and joints in coordinated ways to perform certain tasks and functions.

Individual body segments and joints, collectively called links, must be moved in certain specific sequences to allow efficient accomplishment of the task/function.

The sequencing of these links are called the kinetic chain of a specific activity. Injuries or adaptations in one or more of the links of the kinetic chain can cause problems in the body by overloading or stressing a certain area of the body...

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